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Jesus fucking Christ, did I just wasted 3 hours trying to make both cgit and git-http-backend working at the same address?

>try again (as always on sleepless nights) to convert melanchonic melody your brain is playing almost every night when you're taking a shower into ProTracker module
>instead make this small loop more fitting for chasing or boss fight

Maybe I should try learning some music theory, at least enough to know which key I should press to make a sound with given pitch? I suck at anything more artistic than chasing pointers xd

If people want an open network, stop shit-talking open things 

I hear tech folks saying that RSS is dead, and people on social media saying that blogs are dead.

The problem with this is twofold:

- RSS is doing just fine, and not even remotely dead

- Blogs are doing just fine, and are not even remotely dead, either

There's this strange sort of defeatism around. "Well, we lost, so what can you do". Um, not undermine things that still work and are actively being used? Support them as well?

Dear fediverse, can you recommend me a cheap, but good enough USB audio interface for XLR microphones working under Linux?

Currently I’m looking for USB and/or XLR microphones to be able to record podcasts, but for XLR I already have „retro” soundcard (unfortunately with PCI, but works with Win9x) and it would be cool if I could buy a microphone which I could use with both of my setups.

Lies in IT:
• Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
• Trivial File Transfer Protocol
• Portable Document Format

Audacious from Debian stable still using libmodplug made me angry enough to compile latest audacious 4.0 beta manually and OH YES, now all modules from my collection are being correctly replayed with libopenmpt.
tl;dr stop using libmodplug already! Chokanji V (BTRON implementation, in Japanese), along with Cygwin cross-toolchain and a few other things (BRIGHTV4500.ISO is bootable, CKV4540.ISO isn't)

Uploading historic git repositories of #OpenEZX to - in case anyone ever will want to do retrocomputing on ancient smartphones. - now I just need to think about where to put up old website, etc.

Hmm, I'm much closer to be expelled from uni than I've expected.
Oh well, I'm too stupid to work commercially on open source for cool companies anyway.

>got a bunch of ATF1508AS CPLD's
>looks cool, natively works in 5V and is still in production
>no FOSS synthesis/programming tools


FPGAs are fun even when they're cursed.
Or maybe they're fun because they're cursed?

My favourite guilty pleasure: Polish power dance. Slightly like eurobeat, just slower and in my native language ;D
: Project 95 - Piguła

Just to be explicit, if you skipped over that link when it crossed your feed, you need to go back and click it right now. Here it is again:

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