Show more Chokanji V (BTRON implementation, in Japanese), along with Cygwin cross-toolchain and a few other things (BRIGHTV4500.ISO is bootable, CKV4540.ISO isn't)

Uploading historic git repositories of #OpenEZX to - in case anyone ever will want to do retrocomputing on ancient smartphones. - now I just need to think about where to put up old website, etc.

Hmm, I'm much closer to be expelled from uni than I've expected.
Oh well, I'm too stupid to work commercially on open source for cool companies anyway.

>got a bunch of ATF1508AS CPLD's
>looks cool, natively works in 5V and is still in production
>no FOSS synthesis/programming tools


FPGAs are fun even when they're cursed.
Or maybe they're fun because they're cursed?

My favourite guilty pleasure: Polish power dance. Slightly like eurobeat, just slower and in my native language ;D
: Project 95 - Piguła

Just to be explicit, if you skipped over that link when it crossed your feed, you need to go back and click it right now. Here it is again:

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I didn't really do anything creative this year. I haven't learnt anything practical (not counting slightly better coding skills). Despite earning enough money I constantly feel that I've simply wasted this year.
Next two months will show, if I will be able to break through last two missing subjects or I will drop out of this crap and limit my own programming career to less interesting things similar to what I'm currently doing.
Anyway, happy new year! Hope it will be better than this one. [3/4]

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While I do not regret it, focusing only on a job has a very big con: I mostly stopped caring about studying. I've just couldn't focus on maths anymore.
Thanks to maintaining this status quo until December, ironically I'm even more close to be expelled from my university, because I've repeated second part of Math. Analysis and I still can't pass any single exam from it.

Of course fear about my studies was always sitting in my head, which heavily impacted my free time - and this hurt my hobby.

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Year summary, huh? Ok.
This year was VERY bizarre for me.
Because of my failures I couldn't pass to the next semester on my uni, which meant I was close to be expelled - so I've started searching for a job. I had first (and for now) only job interview and after it I've found a job very quickly. Rather unusual one - programming for mainframes, fortunately in ANSI C which I already knew. So, I've fully devoted my time to the job, so I could not think about my studying for a while. [1/n]

"But where should I put my SoC's boot up code to initialize shit and read the boot device?"

In a ROM chip mapped to address 0 and unmapped when jumping to the boot sector, you dumb dumb

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1. Identify the boot storage medium
2. Copy the first sector to RAM
3. Stash any useful information in registers, like the SATA port/device number/etc
4. Jump to the boot sector

How to boot like a normal-ass adult in 4 simple steps

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