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"But where should I put my SoC's boot up code to initialize shit and read the boot device?"

In a ROM chip mapped to address 0 and unmapped when jumping to the boot sector, you dumb dumb

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1. Identify the boot storage medium
2. Copy the first sector to RAM
3. Stash any useful information in registers, like the SATA port/device number/etc
4. Jump to the boot sector

How to boot like a normal-ass adult in 4 simple steps

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Great. Oracle removed 3D acceleration from VboxVGA, so I can't play muh demos and games on XP guest.
I really need to fix my Athlon XP motherboard ;x

>still no AM3+ motherboard is supported by coreboot

I've recently read a book about beginning of originating from . Well, previously I didn't know how strong Atari was here. Also, TIL about California Dreams and Blockout.

serious offer btw, i have extensive experience porting from GTK to Qt. you might be familiar with some of it.
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if you are developing a GTK application and you're upset that GTK is removing all accessibility features in GTK4, feel free to hit me up, I'll help you port your application to Qt.
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