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People make Amiga 500 demo; to make it easier they “just” create a new compiler, linker and emulator…

Mastodon's security model is broken.
In other news: Water is wet.

when are we gonna get an anime about the demoscene

Controversial piece of advice for newer coders:

Make yourself a cheat sheet with the syntax of the language you're working in, assign yourself a project, and then block the internet for a bit.

Instead of Googling for solutions, you'll be forced to really problem solve.

> We have continuous problems with e-mail spammers. The ALSA server does not accept an e-mail from open relays and rejects e-mails using HTML contents.

and you thought Drew was a non-standard radical

> Request for Guillotine: 1
If this is how discourse about a god-damn e-mail is going to look, I’ll probably stop giving a shit about FOSS and cultural wars there. I’m tired of this shit.

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