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Mastodon's security model is broken.
In other news: Water is wet.

when are we gonna get an anime about the demoscene

Controversial piece of advice for newer coders:

Make yourself a cheat sheet with the syntax of the language you're working in, assign yourself a project, and then block the internet for a bit.

Instead of Googling for solutions, you'll be forced to really problem solve.

> We have continuous problems with e-mail spammers. The ALSA server does not accept an e-mail from open relays and rejects e-mails using HTML contents.

and you thought Drew was a non-standard radical

> Request for Guillotine: 1
If this is how discourse about a god-damn e-mail is going to look, I’ll probably stop giving a shit about FOSS and cultural wars there. I’m tired of this shit.

I /really/ need to add to my rss reader because it’s *so good*. This is the best description I’ve ever seen of the Microsoft acquisition of Github.

Is there any documentation on Intel GMA500 (Poulsbo) 2D acceleration other than Linux source code?

did you know that, if AmigaOS cannot automatically allocate resources to a hardware device at boot time, then it will, in official terminology, tell it to shut up

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Unpopular opinion: By blocking Gab, you’re helping Nazis. You’re creating a safe space for them where they are among each other, not having to face contrary opinions and being able to radicalize themselves without intervention or it being noticed and acted upon by others.

I’m German and we had and have plenty of Nazis to deal with. Isolating them from society didn’t help, it only made it worse and meant we didn’t notice how much they radicalized themselves until they started killing politicians

Adblocking, old man yells at cloud 

current status: ranting on masto while waiting for an answer on slack. the real-time response culture is a terrible way to organise around.

cursed "retro" webdev stack:
>some crappy IDE written in Delphi or notepad
>wannabe XAMPP clone for testing
>>with php4
>hosted on shitty PHP hosting inserting ads on random places of your website
>md5 hashes

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