>outdated ESP8266 SDK version
>no hardware debugging for AVR microcontrollers

Fuck .

@pcy If I could find some time to finish old projects... :(

DRM_IOCTL_MODE_CREATE_DUMB failed: Out of memory

more like out of sanity :G

@realcaseyrollins I made this comment on hackernews earlier about the Apple release. It got down to -4 at one point.

@pcy shit. So I guess this is why everyone is still writing dpi_timings for their Raspberry Pi's for custom timings? :/

Ugh, I forgot Mastodon doesn't support Markdown formatting...

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Is there any manual for libDRM API? I'd like to set new mode with custom timings

[0] bluraf!3@motoko:~ $ man 3 drmModeGetCrtc
No manual entry for drmModeGetCrtc in section 3

New PC build 

@sir Even if you're not waiting for Zen 3, you should consider a motherboard with B550 chipset - it supports PCI Express 4.0, so you would be able to upgrade to faster NVMe disks when they will be cheaper.

Today I was trying to get 480i/480p image from Raspberry Pi using VGA666 adapter, but I couldn't get any stable image on my JVC monitor. Maybe VGA666 is outputting too weak/too strong synchronization signals?

Any tips?

I had to buy VGA-BNC cable and ready-to-use SCART-VGA adapter, because my DIY sync stripper wasn't working... or this CRT just needs separate VSync and HSync signals to work properly.

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@wolf480pl cards without CPU are not accelerators iirc.
Responding to the second question: it depends on what kind of IO you're using. For example you can use PowerPC accelerator to calculate polygons, while M68k side would just draw them using Amiga chipset.

What are some small and well-written C++ open source projects one could use as study material to learn writing real-world C++ code?

@wolf480pl if it's not replacing main CPU, instead taking part of calculations (essentially turning original Amiga into a terminal), then practically all commercially-available non-m68k cards were used this way. For the other option I saw a thread where someone was trying to replace m68k processor with ARM running m68k emulator

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