@wolf480pl cards without CPU are not accelerators iirc.
Responding to the second question: it depends on what kind of IO you're using. For example you can use PowerPC accelerator to calculate polygons, while M68k side would just draw them using Amiga chipset.

What are some small and well-written C++ open source projects one could use as study material to learn writing real-world C++ code?

@wolf480pl if it's not replacing main CPU, instead taking part of calculations (essentially turning original Amiga into a terminal), then practically all commercially-available non-m68k cards were used this way. For the other option I saw a thread where someone was trying to replace m68k processor with ARM running m68k emulator

@wolf480pl it's love-hate relationship - the machine is beautiful, but when you want to expand it, then wallet hurts dx

so yeah, I'm trying to get my Amiga 500 working with some basic expansions, like a god-damn storage other than floppy disks

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Corporate software path to nirvana, in 6 easy steps:

Step 1: build a prototype, get in debt with VC money.
Step 2: acquire technological lead, spend a fair amount in R&D and proper engineering, build a good product people actually use.
Step 3: hire a middle management layer.
Step 4: fire the tech top executive, replace it with a business executive.
Step 5: cut out operational cost by laying off your engineering and r&d workforce.
Step 6: Blame covid.

hey yall i just got a hot new idea for an app

its icon is a blue-cyan circle with white detail, and its only purpose is to make it slightly harder to find every other app on your home screen

@lethalbit There are test clips for DIP chips, but you would probably need to cut the power from the outside of the chip, so the programmer won't waste power on the rest of the board.

2 hours "wasted" while trying to find usable PLL chip for video synchronization, because I want to make a genlock for Amiga for fun :3

jk, I simply can't find any used genlock in Poland.

Anyway, gotta go back to parallel port sampler project. After 2-3 years of studying EE I want to finally make something useful...

tell me how incorrect this is:
by writing more efficient software that can run on weaker more power efficient hardware, we can help decrease many individuals' carbon footprint, thus making a greater change than by changing our tooth brushing habits

@df5t0rw I should have some low-end Quadro card for PCIe which might be working with XP. The other problem is that my current main PC (Ryzen/AM4) doesn't have PCI slots and PCI-PCIe adapters only fits low-end PCI card, so this won't help with Digi001.

@df5t0rw Mostly because VirtualBox removed 3D acceleration for older Windows guests, so I can't use it for playing older games (especially when they use some DRM crap incompatible with Wine). Similar for other software and hardware, like previously mentioned Digi001 sound interface and Pro Tools LE 6.x.

My old-new WinXP machine started working again, this time with nForce2-based motherboard.
Unfortunately Pro Tools LE is hanging for some reason, so I can't use digi001 sound interface with it for now. Maybe there is an broken DDR RAM stick installed?

Now it's time to collect all post-2014 updates! (not those from POSready 2009, as I can't find an actual list of updates compatible with non-SSE2 systems yet)

Hmm, maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to buy one of these OpenDingux-powered handhelds...

> DirectX on Linux
You know, maybe we should bring back Glide to Linux and use Voodoo cards in protest?

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