@pcy my brain literally melted and it's refusing to accept what the fuck just happened

Linux sizecoding talk is over now. Slides: pcy.ulyssis.be/pres/Lin.pdf . Website: linux.weeaboo.software (WIP). IRC: #lsc on IRCnet. I'll post a link to the video whenever the orgas have uploaded it etc.

@bob Nokia N9 was almost perfect...

Then Microsoft happened.

@aral Foss devs and designers: so I work on this in my spare time, after work, when dinner is eaten and the kids are put to bed. Instead of watching a movie hanging out with my partner etc.
I know millions of users use my stuff and the stress and time constraint causes FOSS people like me into higher burnout numbers than others but I still try to appease the users.

Random people: YOU SUCK! Do what I tell you! Lol

I'll miss old school democompo again, because I need to wake up early. ;w;
Have a noisy night!

no death but lots of minor inconveniences for the people who invented C function pointer syntax


Meteoriks had a load of productions I had temporarily forgotten; great to see them again, and must watch soon...

but now, Belgian beer.

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