>borked audio
>terminal hanging when trying to use a shortcut
>firefox hanging when trying to use context menu

and more after upgrading Kubuntu from 21.10 to 22.04

... seriously, I'm considering returning to Debian on main desktop


Crisis averted; after few days of working on second PC, I was able to find some time to smash `apt dist-upgrade` and `apt upgrade` until everything was updated to the latest versions.

Because Snaps still suck and I need Firefox, I installed it from Flathub and added symlink to ~/.mozilla (who needs sandboxing anyway).

For now everything works quite stable, but after this... incident, I guess I should prepare for distrohopping again... nah, I'll just migrate to Debian and Flatpaks.

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And no, I have no time for experimenting with Gentoo. I don't need much from my workstation, Liquorix kernel gives enough optimalizations for desktop.

@BluRaf Debian 11 with Gnome has been very stable for me, almost everything worked out of the box (except the proprietary drivers of course, they needed to be installed separately).

I don't know how stable their KDE build is though

@esheep The only proprietary driver I use sometimes is for Datapath VisionRGB frame grabber (which wasn't updated for latest kernels yet), so I have one less worry.

Last time I was using Debian with KDE it was stable, but back then it didn't had all QoL changes which were added in newer versions.

I need to check which proprietary software I actually need for my projects, maybe I could move everything to containers and switch to Alpine Linux in the future...

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