>borked audio
>terminal hanging when trying to use a shortcut
>firefox hanging when trying to use context menu

and more after upgrading Kubuntu from 21.10 to 22.04

... seriously, I'm considering returning to Debian on main desktop

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Crisis averted; after few days of working on second PC, I was able to find some time to smash `apt dist-upgrade` and `apt upgrade` until everything was updated to the latest versions.

Because Snaps still suck and I need Firefox, I installed it from Flathub and added symlink to ~/.mozilla (who needs sandboxing anyway).

For now everything works quite stable, but after this... incident, I guess I should prepare for distrohopping again... nah, I'll just migrate to Debian and Flatpaks.

And no, I have no time for experimenting with Gentoo. I don't need much from my workstation, Liquorix kernel gives enough optimalizations for desktop.

@newt @BluRaf Gentoo's for noobs, true Linux users run LFS compiled with their own custom compiler and a kernel stripped down to just what they need

@newt @BluRaf why are you inserting rms here? gentoo includes installation recipes for a number of nonfree programs and perse wouldn’t tolerate that

@BluRaf Seconded, Debian is way better an upgrades, and it always has been.

You can easily go back several Debian releases and upgrade stable to stable to stable and it be fine.

If you use some tools judiciously (aptitude), you can easily sort out what packages are doing what in Debian .. and its recommendations make sense. Last I ran Ubuntu it's inter-package dependencies weren't the best.

Not only that, but I feel like Debian's desktop stuff works better for the life of a release.

@BluRaf Debian 11 with Gnome has been very stable for me, almost everything worked out of the box (except the proprietary drivers of course, they needed to be installed separately).

I don't know how stable their KDE build is though

@esheep The only proprietary driver I use sometimes is for Datapath VisionRGB frame grabber (which wasn't updated for latest kernels yet), so I have one less worry.

Last time I was using Debian with KDE it was stable, but back then it didn't had all QoL changes which were added in newer versions.

I need to check which proprietary software I actually need for my projects, maybe I could move everything to containers and switch to Alpine Linux in the future...

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