So... I guess I need to use Linux 2.6 if I want to have accelerated video output w. MPlayer on one of my machines with Matrox GPU? :D

Seriously, sometimes I wonder how much easier with would be if drivers were separated from the kernel... :P

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@BluRaf It's not so much a matter of separating them out as of providing a stable API. Even Windows, which provides an ABI for drivers, makes backward incompatible changes across releases. Have you checked if any of the BSDs still has support?

At some point, though, is it really retrocomputing to run a modern kernel on old hardware that it still supports?

@freakazoid There's an DDX driver for Matrox cards working on both Linux and BSD; I don't know about framebuffer support on *BSDs.

Maybe it's not strictly retrocomputing, I just wonder if it's possible to use older hardware w/ current software in more ways than dumb framebuffer/accelerated X11/OpenGL renderer.

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