so yeah, I'm trying to get my Amiga 500 working with some basic expansions, like a god-damn storage other than floppy disks

@wolf480pl it's love-hate relationship - the machine is beautiful, but when you want to expand it, then wallet hurts dx

@BluRaf and by that I mean, like, plugging an x86 or ARM CPU as an exstension card to an Amiga

@wolf480pl if it's not replacing main CPU, instead taking part of calculations (essentially turning original Amiga into a terminal), then practically all commercially-available non-m68k cards were used this way. For the other option I saw a thread where someone was trying to replace m68k processor with ARM running m68k emulator

@BluRaf I mean, not all cards contained a CPU, right?
Anyway, my question is, if you use the original Amiga only as a terminal, is there mich point using Amiga?

@wolf480pl cards without CPU are not accelerators iirc.
Responding to the second question: it depends on what kind of IO you're using. For example you can use PowerPC accelerator to calculate polygons, while M68k side would just draw them using Amiga chipset.

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