Why is my notifications feed filled with screaming?


@wolf480pl Looks like people didn't untag me in that last XMPP thread .-.

@BluRaf oh, that one...
tbh I have no idea how you even ended up there, and I didn't see you ask for untag, so...

@wolf480pl yeah, I wasn't browsing fedi yesterday, I only boosted a post with opinion about Matrix xD

@BluRaf I'd argue it works as intended - if you boost an opinion, then you should take all the criticism of that opinion.

That being said, that thread wasn't exactly productive...

@wolf480pl nah, problem with lack of usable client for iOS is still a valid point, at least for me.

Also, it's hard to find which clients supports which XEPs. For servers at least there is Compliance Tester, but for clients?

BTW why do we even give a shit about XEPs as an end-users, I want a communicator where I can expect that if something works for me, the same thing will work for other people :s

because all the people who care about UX (except of Daniel Gultsch) went to Matrix.

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