Dear fediverse, can you recommend me a cheap, but good enough USB audio interface for XLR microphones working under Linux?

Currently I’m looking for USB and/or XLR microphones to be able to record podcasts, but for XLR I already have „retro” soundcard (unfortunately with PCI, but works with Win9x) and it would be cool if I could buy a microphone which I could use with both of my setups.

@BluRaf my dad has a small XLR<->USB interface thingy that does work iirc (but I'm not 100% sure), but I don't remember the model, I'll have a look later today

@BluRaf seems to be a roland quad-capture here. though the focusrite 2i2 mentioned in another comment is fairly good as well

@BluRaf Focusrite Scarlett Solo is pretty good, but a bit pricey to buy new ($100 ish). I can confirm it works well under Linux though.

I would honestly guess that most interfaces are going to be USB class compliant, so shouldn't need any special drivers.

The question then, comes down to things like quality and phantom power. I'd say either of the following may do the job:

@BluRaf I use a focusrite Scarlett 2i2. It's like the Solo but gives you a second line for about $20 more. It can take instrument input too, not just XLR. It has phantom power if your mic needs it

@BluRaf We use a Behringer Xenyx 302 with a Rode NT1 mic via xlr to do recordings, on linux using portaudio (also works via jack). It is relatively barebones, but also fairly cheap, and works well for what we need.

@BluRaf audio example of that setup (ignore the right channel - we use that one for a synchronization marker. left is from mic. recording env is a sound isolated padded-but-not-anechoic chamber)

I have a yamaha mg10xu. Its super nice and all, but probobly outside you buget as its expensive, but still noteworthy

You should be able to find a Radio Shack 33-331 for a few bucks, even in unused condition.

@BluRaf I believe the FocusRite Scarlett 2i2 Red might have XLR.

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