Audacious from Debian stable still using libmodplug made me angry enough to compile latest audacious 4.0 beta manually and OH YES, now all modules from my collection are being correctly replayed with libopenmpt.
tl;dr stop using libmodplug already!

@dwaltiz Even on Debian sid there is still Audacious 3.x (which actually makes sense, because it's still the latest stable version, 4.0 is still in beta).
But yeah, maybe it's time to start distrohopping again...

@BluRaf tl;dr stop using Debian already. Problems like this happen with almost all software, and it *really* sucks for upstreams. People keep reporting bugs that were fixed in a release 5 years ago. It’s not funny anymore.

@js I'm currently considering Void Linux (+1 for being easy to contribute for) and OpenSUSE - previously I was using Arch Linux, but upgrading all these packages from AUR started being a big PITA. I guess I'm still returning to Debian only because of the habits (my first contact was through Knoppix in ~2006).

If I only knew back then I would start hating computers...

@BluRaf Hm, I’ve been using ArchLinux without issue recently. It used to be pretty bad, breaking itself quite often, but it’s become a lot more stable in the last 1-2 years. And 10 years ago it was just outright unusable.

@BluRaf @js Have been using Void for 2 or 3 years now. Can reccomend.

Ping if you have questions.

Oh, and - my goodness - this is the BEST rescue disk ever for me - because it boots WITHOUT FRAMEBUFFER and INCLUDES SERIAL so I can use it on various virtual machines that are headless - based on void -

It can also be used to install.

Even if you don't go with it, I do reccomend it.

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