>got a bunch of ATF1508AS CPLD's
>looks cool, natively works in 5V and is still in production
>no FOSS synthesis/programming tools


@Wolf480pl 🤔
Do you have any resources on reverse-engineering bitstreams or something?

connect to freenode
/join #yosys
/dialog mwk
"hi I've heard you reversed Spartan-6 bitstream, how does one do such a thing?"

Though I think bitstream is the last step, really.

Whatever proprietary toolchain you already have, it probably can be split into steps like:

1. RTL -> generic netlist
2. generic netlist -> mapped n etlist
3. mapped netlist -> placed & routed netlistplaced & routed 4. netlist -> bitstream

You typically go from top to bottom, replacing proprietary tools with open source ones one by one.

If I understand correctly, 1 should be target-independent, and yosys already does it for you.

2 maps the netlist to primitives present on your target device, so it needs to know what kinda logic cells your device has

3 - place & route needs to know the layout and interconnections on the device

4 requires reverse-engineering the bitstream.

So you could eg. add support for 2 and 3 to yosys/nextpnr and then feed the netlist it outputs to proprietary bitgen.

@Wolf480pl That makes sense, I'll take a look when I'll have some more time.

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