Great. Oracle removed 3D acceleration from VboxVGA, so I can't play muh demos and games on XP guest.
I really need to fix my Athlon XP motherboard ;x

@BluRaf (of course, this assumes that the issue is the acceleration support, not the xp driver support. If it's the xp driver support, that ... will be longer, or ... well, finding an earlier build of virtualbox with the support, and using that, or switching to something that is less controlled by a large company who doesn't care if you are affected.)

@Truck I've just downgraded Virtualbox to 5.2 version and it works again.
Last summer I was experimenting with virt-manager, but IIRC vm's started feeling laggy, so I've switched back.

Currently I'm using only single XP virtual machine for university stuff, but I'm also using it for older demos, so they won't wreck up my desktop with all these resolution changes.

@BluRaf I don't care for virt-manager (or anything related to libvirt) as it's ... overhead that really doesn't do anything that you cannot do by hand. Sure, it simplifies things for people who "just want to have a virtual machine and don't care about performance" but for any other usecase - including managing more than one - it's just poor, in my opinion.

that said - it would be laggy if it was not using kernel virtual machine abilities.

I actually am doing some work with that this week, but... in between breaks of mental distress, which come and go, so - it isn't the normal pace.
(that said I've been burned out so long I'm not sure anyone has seen me in a normal pace for 10 years.)

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