@Wolf480pl not really, because it uses DDR2 memory. Still hunting for something more powerful

@BluRaf xD
if you wanted DDR2, I've seen PowerEdge 1950 for 300zł :P

And I've ordered 8 of them.

But that was for my employer, not for me :P

@BluRaf also don't buy that PowerEdge I just linked, it's DDR2, it's not worth it.

@Wolf480pl but I already have enough x86 hardware, I want to play with other architectures

@BluRaf makes sense. If you really want a SPARC and have money to burn, I guess it's your best option at the moment. But I still don't think this is a good price for such a server.
If it had HDDs - maybe.

Also, ask if HDD caddies are included. Without them, you're gonna have a hard time putting any HDD in there.

@BluRaf No idea how much that is, got mine for what would be 150$ and it’s nice :). But LOUD! Needs to be in a datacenter.

@js around US$240. In theory I have some space in rack in local makerspace, but people would probably kill me for installing this monster :D

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