Pleroma can be used in different ways. The most common one is to use Pleroma Community Edition. This is the standard Open Source version that everyone loves: highly scalable and flexible. Fortunately, if you need more than just the ejabberd platform software, Pleroma Inc. can help you with a commercial offering. Commercial offering come in two type of packaging:

Pleroma Business Edition, including features for large companies (enhanced geodistributed companies and mobile support to develop own, rich clients) and world-class support, that can please even the most demanding businesses, with 24/7 options. Pleroma SaaS being a way to access and benefit of all the features of ejabberd Business Edition at an attractive and scalable price. Pleroma SaaS allows you to keep control of your data thanks to integration API you can implement on your backend to become a data provider for Pleroma SaaS.

hey girls

did you know

that um.....

The M48Z02/12 is a non-volatile pin and function equivalent to any JEDEC standard 2K x 8 SRAM of course Moon Prism Power Make Up exists in PC-98 chiptune form, complete with "in the name of the moon, I'll punish you!" sample in Japanese

Finally started wring a real post for my new blog, this time about my first week of using Nokia N9. What topics should I put in my post? Maybe simple tutorial how to flash and install everything required to make N9 usable again? Suggestions are welcome! (^^;

Design Futures Council in #australia #sydney have just held a small conference on open source architecture.

It is clear that people in AEC are frustrated with interoperability, proprietary monopolies, closed data, and unnecessary rework.

Push #openbim. Push #opensource. Push #ifc. Push #blender. Push #freecad. Push #openstreetmaps. Push #radiance. Push #openfoam. Push #energyplus.

We can change this.

What would be better for futureproof, freedom-respecting computing? (not counting video games)

For Blackbird I would need to save money for almost year; AMD FX machine would be accessible for me in max 2 months.

Currently I'm using ThinkPad T430 as a main machine; after migration I would install Windows on it to be able to use *cough* proprietary software for electronic design, etc. (tbh I'm bored of fighting with Wine)

When your disk keeps filling up again, soon after you free some space...
it's a logfile.
It's always a logfile.

I knew it since my adventure with .xsession-errors on Linux Mint ~7 years ago.

But today I learned a runaway logfile can not only make your disk full, but also slow.

Say hello to catalina.out

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>finally have a Mega Drive and an Amiga 500
>don't have a TV set accepting 240p video signal

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