normal people:
>counts the time until christmas
>counts the time until TokyoDemoFest and 35C3

The Google docs presentation tool is actually quite nice. Makes me nervous as that usually means it must be high on the Google product kill list.

"please backup of your conputer before installing debian"
> me with my <1To of data i never made save of, literally +5 years of my life:

linux year of desktop when ZUN brings back Mima

but wait, there's more
>find a way to reproduce activation process outside outdated system (aka. find activator API endpoint)
>get your unlock key
>copy it
>press "unlock"
>[...] does not appear to be valid.
I hate DRM so much...

>buy RPG Maker 2003 for $4
>try to run it on your favourite Windows XP VM
>type your mail and product key
>press "activate"
>This program cannot display the webpage

Greetings my fellow Shitposters,

I am back from my journey. In case you were wondering, after 2 years on SPC I went to the mountains searching for the gift from gods to bring back to king @moonman and his kingdom. During this time my evil clone @shpufeff has been taking my place. In the mountains I encountered the Wise Men who gave me what I was seeking.

Today on my 100000th post I present this thing called "Siege at SPC" which is a video game created in celebration of this nice lil website. It can be found here:

The game is a 3rd person 3d shooter with online co-op play (single player is also there), and it has been designed to be playable even on high pings (across continents). In this game you defend the Pile of PHP Garbage from the attacking Extinct Mammals. The game comes with Windows and Linux builds, both can be found on the itch io site.

The archives contain the dedicated server binaries if you want to host your own dedicated server, but someone nice also hosted a server for me, so if you want to hop in and play with others, connect to this address
OPSEC DISCLAIMER: if you don't want the server owner to connect your nick to your ip address, don't use the same nickname in-game, or use a VPN or something.

Huge thanks to @lebronjames75 for helping with the music and also a lot of playtesting and balancing help.

folks, please, please, please (if you use Mastodon just pretend these words are formatted with emphasis) don’t compromise on your AS2 vocab usage just to make posts look nice in Mastodon right now.

you’re cheating yourselves out of richer integration with other software, like Pleroma, Plume,, Hubzilla, Friendica, Osada, and PixelFed, who will be more than happy to process your AS2 vocab correctly.

instead, ask for Mastodon to improve their support of non-Note objects.

if you send an blog post as an Article, Pleroma, Plume and can be used as a social reader. if you send it as a Note, well… it kind of sucks.

hello hacker fucker
this is matt furniss
heres the deal.
if you hack this game
i will find you
where ever you are
and break your legs
and thats a promise
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