Corporate software path to nirvana, in 6 easy steps:

Step 1: build a prototype, get in debt with VC money.
Step 2: acquire technological lead, spend a fair amount in R&D and proper engineering, build a good product people actually use.
Step 3: hire a middle management layer.
Step 4: fire the tech top executive, replace it with a business executive.
Step 5: cut out operational cost by laying off your engineering and r&d workforce.
Step 6: Blame covid.

hey yall i just got a hot new idea for an app

its icon is a blue-cyan circle with white detail, and its only purpose is to make it slightly harder to find every other app on your home screen

2 hours "wasted" while trying to find usable PLL chip for video synchronization, because I want to make a genlock for Amiga for fun :3

jk, I simply can't find any used genlock in Poland.

Anyway, gotta go back to parallel port sampler project. After 2-3 years of studying EE I want to finally make something useful...

tell me how incorrect this is:
by writing more efficient software that can run on weaker more power efficient hardware, we can help decrease many individuals' carbon footprint, thus making a greater change than by changing our tooth brushing habits

My old-new WinXP machine started working again, this time with nForce2-based motherboard.
Unfortunately Pro Tools LE is hanging for some reason, so I can't use digi001 sound interface with it for now. Maybe there is an broken DDR RAM stick installed?

Now it's time to collect all post-2014 updates! (not those from POSready 2009, as I can't find an actual list of updates compatible with non-SSE2 systems yet)

Hmm, maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to buy one of these OpenDingux-powered handhelds...

> DirectX on Linux
You know, maybe we should bring back Glide to Linux and use Voodoo cards in protest?

computing enthusiasts: microsoft is supporting linux apps in windows and adding DX support! this is amazing!

me, cynical:
extend <-- you are here

Anyway, can someone recommend me a good VGA framegrabber? I want to use it with external upscaler for recording video from game consoles and home computers.

Why is my notifications feed filled with screaming?


apparently unpopular opinion 

the resources that have gone into matrix should've been used on improving XMPP instead so they could've not spent the last 5 years solving problems XMPP solved 20 years ago

Three subjects, three SPICE commercial forks - two of which we need to pirate.

Did I mentioned my university is a frickin' joke?

boozedrome 3. coming this summer.

our amiga demo released at revision 2020.

You can't get enough of live shader coding? Then don't miss the upcoming DJ-set of Ronny at 21:00 CEST with visuals by evvvvil, wrighter, cosamentale and provod!

Jesus fucking Christ, did I just wasted 3 hours trying to make both cgit and git-http-backend working at the same address?

>try again (as always on sleepless nights) to convert melanchonic melody your brain is playing almost every night when you're taking a shower into ProTracker module
>instead make this small loop more fitting for chasing or boss fight

Maybe I should try learning some music theory, at least enough to know which key I should press to make a sound with given pitch? I suck at anything more artistic than chasing pointers xd

If people want an open network, stop shit-talking open things 

I hear tech folks saying that RSS is dead, and people on social media saying that blogs are dead.

The problem with this is twofold:

- RSS is doing just fine, and not even remotely dead

- Blogs are doing just fine, and are not even remotely dead, either

There's this strange sort of defeatism around. "Well, we lost, so what can you do". Um, not undermine things that still work and are actively being used? Support them as well?

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