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Check out these results from the TSS/8 Coding Challenge! @polychrome is winning!

Coding examples will be shared later on but for now, be creative and get your examples in.

Can anyone match @peron at the PAL8 level?

holy expletive redacted, I was writing a c script and kept editing the code when the output was the same. for a brief few seconds, I forgot C was a compiled language.🤦‍♂️

I have been spoiled by these interpreted languages.

atlas' law of creation toolkits: given a set of creation mechanics, the probability of either of a turing-complete computer or a depiction of a phallus being made with such slowly reaches 1

ok so apparently, octopress has been unmaintained for some time now. :/

Working on my website. I'm going to have it as a webring with both my service, as well as my page.

The neocities page will act as an archival service for scraps and ideas I want public.

The SDF service will be a personal blog.

I currently need to make a "under construction" page.

товарищи, сегодня у нас на водочной вечеринке будет ограниченный запас солений.

о блин! Я забыл купить соленья.

"Godspeed, Genosse!" sounds like a good title for a book or a film.

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I was going to post something but i forgot what it was.

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xBrowserSync is a good alternative for syncing your bookmarks on Firefox without a Mozilla account. (It works in Chrome based browsers too, but not Safari.)

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