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I am doing the same as I did last night.

Work on more Dungeons & Dragons stuff.

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Shitposting on mastodon:

Teaser for "Starfinder for D&D 5e Players".

Decided I'd just upload it to PeerTube, too.

Wait nevermind there was a small error in the video, reposting.

ya know i hate how rust's ownership lingo can be explained with "block level scope with special cases for functions and pointers".

Maybe if I get time by finishing some of my other stuff.

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usually only in the positive, I've counted FFXIV and Transformers Devastation among these titles.

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Just realised one of the key factors of me buying a videogame is how memed on it's soundtrack is.

To any Americans that may read this, what is your personal pick for the jelly of a peanut butter jelly sandwich?

Would you?

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