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So I want to know your thoughts - what is the proper amount of dunkage for an oreo?

If this is true, it's very troubling. Abuse of red flag laws, falsified warrents, and general governmental corruption reaching to the higher levels of the FBI.

Granted, until they decide to release the recordings and documents that were referenced, I would take it with a grain of salt. Impossible to know who to trust these days, the government isn't trustworthy but neither are a lot of the citizens. - Alfredo "Alpha Warrior" Luna - "Man On Target"

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smj has just updated the homepage! Don't forget -- "35 Hour Marathon" starts tomorrow at 14:00 UTC!!

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Again, never forget that the corporations do not care about you. Its all about money and power.

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Goes to show what I've always thought; it's all about virtue signalling and corporations don't actually care about causes. The bottom line is the big concern, so they have no problem pissing on your leg and saying its raining. Along the same lines of this, go check out these companies middle-eastern division during pride month. Not a rainbow in sight...


Screenshots to save you from leaving the federated social media :)

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Less than a week to the start of the SDF Plan9 Boot Camp Summer 2022 - June 20th - September 22nd and already many folks have successfully connected.

This session we have several rPi zero w to issue as prizes

Join us!

Well hello everyone! Been around SDF for a while (Joshua.m), so I thought I would create a mastodon account Excited to break the chains of corporate internet and move to a federated future with y'all! Just put GrapheneOS on my old Pixel 4XL, and I'm loving it so far!

If you ever want to chat, message me at or drop me a line on extension 1821 :)

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