Very troubling if true... Be careful who you trust with your money

1. Citi reserves the right to close your account "without cause" and keep your money for 1-2 months.

2. This just happened to us. So it's not an idle threat.

3. Showing up with ID won't protect you.

4. CITI also reserves the right *never* to release your money.


In all seriousness, for most household chores, I would imagine a .357 revolver to be sufficient. A .357 mag is no joke and you can get .38 snake shot. A quick roll of the cylinder and you go from dropping rattlers to dropping hogs (or dogs). Little heavy to carry, but I'll be darned if you won't look cool with a big iron on your hip.

I thought it would be easier to clean a friends house, and I guess in a way it is. I think I'm just getting lazy :) On the bright side, they have Hulu so I've got some good TV watching in

@unimagine @iiogama Interesting! Mine was a gas station I guess both would be places where being able to call someone could come in handy.

Did you try out the one you found?

@publius I think at some point I actually found a place that sells decommissioned pay phones for this exact purpose. They were a little pricey, but I guess that is the struggle of having nice things...

@wlsn well hopefully they had only put it to there face :/ I could imagine some prank calls where that would not be the case tho


It really is the secret sauce,but I don't know how I ended up a severe extrovert when I was raised by severe introverts.

If I get locked in a back room, focusing, and having no social interaction I will have no energy unless the task activates the magical hyperfixation of ADHD

And just for curiosities sake, here's a :

Have you ever used a payphone and how do you feel about them?

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I found one still standing out in the wild today, but sadly I did not have change on me to see if it's still operational. Is it bad that I kind of want to convert a payphone into a VoIP home phone?


I think it's just that everyone is different and has different energy levels. Age also plays a role here.

Like for me, I'm highly extroverted and passionate about my job so I can go into work on 3-4 hours of sleep and still be high energy as long as I'm around people.

I also have a massive caffeine addiction, so there's that too :)

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Just curious how many people are still masking up because of covid. Where I am at I very seldom see anyone with a mask on. When I do see someone masked up in our community it is usually an elderly person.

PS- I was also just curious how the poll feature worked and how many people would actually respond to a poll here.

@publius @psyklax

A) What point is there too miss? Also you totally missed and misrepresented my point.

B) I never said that was their sole purpose and I think it's telling that when I talk about property law you immediately jump to "humans = property". Either you have immoral principals or assume I do.

C) Uhh, I do. In fact, I will include screenshots of the definition for ya!


Sounds like you may be confusing libertarianism with anarchism. Libertarians understand government is a needed evil and just think they need to be limited in power.

Property and Contract Law would be a few of the things a government is supposed to enforce and handle, so sorry there's no killing in the streets needed

US merchant, avoiding Amazon 


They are legit and I've never had issues ordering from them. That being said, I was ordering as a business from a business account so YMMV as a regular customer

How do you remember encryption passkeys without writing them down?

I want to have encrypted directories, but I don't want the key to be one of my other passwords that could be compromised. How can I remember a good, complex, pass key without putting it somewhere it can be compromised either digitally or physically? Suggestions are appreciated!


Is there a deadline to submit for challenge 1? I was trying to, but my email from plan9 does not seem to be working to both 9p addresses and general sdf ones :(

The left is notorious for doing things like giving a multi-hundred page bill to legislators withing the same day or sometimes the sane hour they are expected to vote on it. That allows no time for them to read it much less the American people to read and provide their thoughts to their legislature. Obamacare and the recent gun bill are two examples.

They also like to bundle things that have no relationship to the main bill into one package so they can vilify you for voting no.

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