I found one still standing out in the wild today, but sadly I did not have change on me to see if it's still operational. Is it bad that I kind of want to convert a payphone into a VoIP home phone?

And just for curiosities sake, here's a :

Have you ever used a payphone and how do you feel about them?

@AdvJosh Yes and they stank! You never knew who had used it before you or where they had put it.

@wlsn well hopefully they had only put it to there face :/ I could imagine some prank calls where that would not be the case tho

@AdvJosh They were usually covered with chewing gum, boogers, urine, and trash.

@AdvJosh generally, glad to see them go. occasionally, wish they were available in certain places.

@AdvJosh I really like how they enable you to make a phone call just using cash (the most private payment method). I don't really need them now, but let's keep some of them around.


I have a friend who wants one for that purpose.

The hot pink Deutsche Telekom ones are reasonably thick on the ground in Munich, Bavaria (Germany).

@publius I think at some point I actually found a place that sells decommissioned pay phones for this exact purpose. They were a little pricey, but I guess that is the struggle of having nice things...

@AdvJosh @iiogama and I came across one at a state park today. T’was wild.

@unimagine @iiogama Interesting! Mine was a gas station I guess both would be places where being able to call someone could come in handy.

Did you try out the one you found?

@AdvJosh, we did not, we totally should have. Here’s a picture of it, it was in a booth and everything!


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