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With everyone talking about not talking to cops I think its time to circulate this video from a law professor on why you should never talk to cops. It's an oldy, but a goody!

Feel free to repeat to get it out there!

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If this is true, it's very troubling. Abuse of red flag laws, falsified warrents, and general governmental corruption reaching to the higher levels of the FBI.

Granted, until they decide to release the recordings and documents that were referenced, I would take it with a grain of salt. Impossible to know who to trust these days, the government isn't trustworthy but neither are a lot of the citizens. - Alfredo "Alpha Warrior" Luna - "Man On Target"

Waiting on the tow truck, Russell finally let me down after 74k miles in my ownership and 291k miles in his life. Clutch is refusing to disengage so we'll see what the bill is.

As much as it pains me, this time I will let someone else repair my baby :( I just don't have time time to fix him myself and drive train work is a pain without a lift and proper jacks.

Very troubling if true... Be careful who you trust with your money

1. Citi reserves the right to close your account "without cause" and keep your money for 1-2 months.

2. This just happened to us. So it's not an idle threat.

3. Showing up with ID won't protect you.

4. CITI also reserves the right *never* to release your money.

I thought it would be easier to clean a friends house, and I guess in a way it is. I think I'm just getting lazy :) On the bright side, they have Hulu so I've got some good TV watching in

And just for curiosities sake, here's a :

Have you ever used a payphone and how do you feel about them?

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I found one still standing out in the wild today, but sadly I did not have change on me to see if it's still operational. Is it bad that I kind of want to convert a payphone into a VoIP home phone?

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Just curious how many people are still masking up because of covid. Where I am at I very seldom see anyone with a mask on. When I do see someone masked up in our community it is usually an elderly person.

PS- I was also just curious how the poll feature worked and how many people would actually respond to a poll here.

How do you remember encryption passkeys without writing them down?

I want to have encrypted directories, but I don't want the key to be one of my other passwords that could be compromised. How can I remember a good, complex, pass key without putting it somewhere it can be compromised either digitally or physically? Suggestions are appreciated!

With everyone talking about not talking to cops I think its time to circulate this video from a law professor on why you should never talk to cops. It's an oldy, but a goody!

Feel free to repeat to get it out there!

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@ellenor2000 Criminal Defence Attorney (well, Solicitor, but same difference) here.

Never. Ever. Ever. Speak. To. Cops.

No matter your country, no matter your cops' reputation. NEVER SPEAK TO THEM.

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Hello my fellow USians:

#Briar is a phone app that lets you send secure messages via a mesh network, including via bluetooth.

#Manyverse is a social networking phone app that lets you write posts which are cryptographically signed and which can propagate via a mesh network including bluetooth.

#Ripple is a "panic" app that can hide or delete data. It can be used with f-droid to remove entire apps.

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💡 Seems like a good time to once again recall that many users aren't aware of (or don't know how to use) the filter setting to temporarily or permanently mute/hide problematic content from various timelines and searches in #Mastodon.

:boost_requested: #MastoAdmin

Just an update to all Mastodon users in the :

Roe v Wade has officially been overturned by the Supreme Court in a 6-3 decision. You can read the entire opinion here:

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I need privacy. Not because my actions are questionable, but because your judgement and intentions are.

Anyone have good Linux distro suggestions for my new Linux laptop?

I wanted to install Debian and customize it all out to be exactly what I want but after it failed to boot after multiple install attempts (and re-download and re-writing of installation media) I decided to just install Ubuntu for now.

If it helps in recommendations, I have previously used and liked Anti-X, Elementary, Debian, and Knoppix.

Part of the fun of Linux is distro hopping in search of greener pastures :)

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I've already dropped from my systems. It was fun to see throw some shade their way for giving Microsoft sites a pass on tracking.

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Dubious Goals Committee starts at 19:30 UTC, and it's going to be EXTRA dubious today in celebration of SDF's 35th anniversary!
If you've never heard DGC, this is the one you want to hear!

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The only know screenshot of the original SDF Apple ][e BBS (1987-1989) shown answering the main line in 1991 letting folks know the SDF UNIX system was getting upgrades.

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: anon-radio for 's 35th birthday. Lots of great talent!


Media Player (such as VLC):

Happy 35th @SDF!!

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