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I bought a new laptop but like usually, wifi needs non-free drivers.

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a while ago i bought a book about interior design published in the mid-late 80s. this is one of the pages in it

error: snap "anbox" is not available on beta for this architecture (i386)
but exists on other architectures (amd64).

I need a new laptop, it seems.

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*quill scratch* *still life* in truth, ‘tis i! thou must be stricken by wonder as to how i hath brought myself such misfortune. verily, it all began some fortnights prior...

Sometimes my coworkers discuss politics with me even but I feel like these arguments kind of superfluous until I personally know what is a life worth living.

At least the RetroShare community died doing what they love. Dying.

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People of the fediverse, the great Wakarimasen has talked to me in my dreams. His eternal guidance shall be summarized within this single commandment: "Take it breezy!"

"- Humans are social animals.
- Well I never really understood that.
- Yeah, because you are aberrant."

Today the only guy I meet every now and then called me "aberrant" because I don't mind being alone.

Although became the new it also meant the rapid decrease of quality soon following, yet I still check it every now and then.

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