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I have a good chance to get this new job at another warehouse but I'd earn 100$ less each month. No night-shifts though. Tough decision.

Considering getting a smartphone again, please don't let me do it.

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that greg egan news article shouldn't really be that surprising if you read anything by him

We watched Nostalghia yesterday with nee and I couldn't pay full attention to the first quarter but it was awe-inspiring in the latter half

I have a whole week off work, you are all invited for tea

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“It turns out making your own Zachtronics game is the most interesting Zachtronics game you can imagine” - @mcc,

I really hope I can get that job as an SMD mounter operator, sounds better than this post office.

Eating buckwheat and beetroots, peanut butter with rye bread at work tonight.

Almost done with the first season of Expanse, all watched at my workplace. This is a new form of workers' on strike.

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