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@davehunt Do you usually add hot chocolate into it? I never tried that.

@wakarimasen I would be more willing to share my current project but not right now, if you are interested. We still need to have that coffee first though.

@wakarimasen I could send any of those to you sometime but I'm not really satisfied with the english translations.

@wakarimasen I'm not sure. I was mostly writing poetry and published a book of those and mostly released pdfs of similiar fashion but yes I had some novel fractions (mostly just ideas) floating on my blog. You may have stumbled upon one of those, maybe.

@wakarimasen Hold on there, stay alive. And hopefully nowhere! My blog had some of them earlier but they weren't too good. My current project is very barebones either so I wouldn't put it on anywhere right now. I was considering registering on archiveofourown but that's for fanfic only, I think?

@wakarimasen Just some short stories. What was wrong with your pizza?

@wakarimasen We had pizza again so I won't complain either. The work is boring but I'm done with 2/3 of the day and I'm entertaining myself with researching stuff for some dumb military fiction later on when I got home like reading about laser welding and Messier objects' locational data.

Looking for coffee to look into while people are drinking.

Looking for people willing to commission mecha artwork.

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Can you guys recommend me of some interesting members of the federation? Thinkers, authors, creators, movers and shakers, coders, intellectuals, etc. etc.?

Many thanks,
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@cow2001 @wakarimasen I honestly don't know more than wikipedia writes. Supposedly evolved from mitochondria.

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