@acuteanniemay well now that you mention folk punk is not even a new thing

I had to play it with a part of my cigarette pack because I couldn't find my guitar pick so there are many errors in tempo and such

@wakarimasen @moonman Oh great, rest in peace then. Guess I'll need to register yet another one.

@moonman @wakarimasen Yeah don't worry it's probably on my side, I was using fysh.in but I can't even login any more at all.

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SDF getting filmed for a French television documentary on pre-social network communities

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The Internet is self destructing paper. A place where anything written is soon destroyed by rapacious competition and the only preservation is to forever copy writing from sheet to sheet faster than they can burn. If it’s worth writing, it’s worth keeping. If it can be kept, it might be worth writing…

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