She makes me question every second I spend awake, she makes me regret every second I spend asleep.

Silence is never familiar, it is the icy husk to shed - the shallow home to long for. Something beyond our reach, something shattered by the enclosing fingers.

She fills up the thin air between breathes, she burns down all the time I spend without her.

She pries me open and the world rushes in, she is a demand never met, a desire never forgotten.

Transient. . . Fleeting. . . My mind is but a fog.

@242242 not you just learned something new today, is all...thank you for coming to my TEDtalk 😉

@demonsthenes13 Learning through hugs is such an intimate and intriguing concept

@demonsthenes13 I tell you in advance even if it won't be popular... It really, really should be.

@demonsthenes13 Sorry I lack the experience. I always read your name though in my head as "who walks among the ruins"

@242242 well, until the corn rows are bountiful again and probably less flooded, they are rather ruined at the time that works :blob_raccoon_coffee:

@242242 and I'd give more than a virtual hug if we were in meatspace together :blob_raccoon_coffee:

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