What should I do now that I became 30?

@242242 Well, it's a risk everybody I know has chosen to take.

@twovoyagers Maybe I should be brave enough as well, I have about 365 days to decide.

@242242 Yup, no need to hurry into any kind of rash decision.


@242242 Apply to the Soylent Green manufactury. 😃

@242242 More seriously, "Learn that nobody ever has it sorted." was what I was told by an older person when I was 30 and asked the self same question.

@242242 "sorted" is Brit slang for thinking you understand life. It's a phase you go through in your thirties. Try to make it a short one :-).

@pithi Like life in general or whose life does it refer to? The general way is pretty much self-explanatory not to have understood, one could be content with understanding their own though.

@242242 Not really, you get to the point where you're more content with your lack of understanding - even of your own life.

@pithi I guess I'm not 30 yet then. Content with that would mean I'm pretty much dead inside.

@242242 To the contrary understanding you will never fully understand means you find life full of unexpected new things. In other words you're always open to the future and grow older gracefully rather than become a stick in the mud.

@pithi I don't think we share the same notion of understanding. What you suggest is not about the mapping but the landscape itself - it doesn't really count as a cognitive act to me but rather as intention.

@242242 If I understand you correctly you are 30 then. 😃

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