It is my birthday today, spending it at my workplace with a nightshift.

@acuteanniemay Ah, I meant more generally though, as in nowadays. I haven't really been here either for a while.

@242242 I hope you'll at least be able to do some fun things after your shift.
@242242 I'm always impressed by how broad your interests are, and I always feel bad because I'm not knowledgeable enough to offer you a proper discussion for any of them. (´・ω・`)

@wakarimasen I don't remember much of programming either, to be honest...So I can't really comment on that or recommend you anything on functional programming to read. Do you feel accomplished at the very least after finishing that last book on the interpreter?

@242242 Ah, I didn't mean to say that you should stick to my topics instead! I'm glad when you share stuff you're interested in.

To be honest, not really. It's an entry-level book teaching only the basics, somehow I feel like that's nothing to feel accomplished for.

@wakarimasen Ah so you are looking for more advanced things now.

@wakarimasen Honestly just hands are enough if that is all you are comfortable with

@242242 But I'm also shy in general, too much to meet up with online friends...

@wakarimasen Oh, well then. Maybe in another life somewhere, sometimes.

@wakarimasen No worries. Let's talk about something else? I'm practicing this piece nowadays!

@242242 Oh, you don't happen to have a piano like that, do you?

@wakarimasen Kind of obviously no... I have a Roland FP-30 now, my apartment would be too small for even an upright piano I think.

@242242 But that's a nice looking keyboard, too. How far are you? Into learning the song, I mean.
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