Finally decided to come over my stinginess and will order the new Numenera core book today.

@wakarimasen A tabletop roleplaying game designed by one of the main "heads" behind the Planescape setting of D&D. They made a revised edition of the core book last year and I wanted to buy it ever since but... It's like 60$ + shipping.

@wakarimasen I found a group for another game on reddit months ago but sadly I don't have a group IRL that I would prefer. I wouldn't mind having it just as an artbook anyhow.

@242242 I see. I never really got the appeal of tabletop RPGs, I couldn't even imagine myself playing one.

@wakarimasen Maybe you just haven't found one catering to your tastes. There are very wild ones around by now. Unless you have somethng against the very idea of imagining stuff framed within a thick set of rule system.

@242242 I see, we need a Gochiusa tabletop RPG *right now*!
Jokes aside, I know it sounds silly, but it's the roleplaying aspect that I dislike. Something about it just seems so embarrassing to me.
@wakarimasen @242242 it's not for everyone and you need a group where everyone is comfortable with it. when we played some dnd and pathfinder with friends I wish more people were into the rp and less trying to game the systems themselves

@shpuld @wakarimasen Powergaming is indeed an issue that could cause you to look for other people. With DNDSports being a thing now, I'd say the whole PF/DND line is just floating more and more away from the intended audience, trying to get closer to video gamers instead.

@242242 @wakarimasen yeah exactly, I wish it was less rules and more player interaction

@shpuld @wakarimasen Maybe you would like something based on the FATE system? It's much lighter on rules and tries to solve the exact problem you mentioned, with more or less success.

@242242 @wakarimasen maybe if I ever find a group again *looks into the distance*
@shpuld @242242 Finding a group you're comfortable with is probably one of the key points here.
@Othinus @shpuld @wakarimasen @242242 I am a white American guy living in Japan and I am looking for some good japan girls to fuck with my big white penis. Any girls here?
@Othinus that could be fun @shpuld how hard would it be to make something where the most of the rules lawyer stuff is taken care of leaving the primary interface essentially a chat? @wakarimasen @242242
@dude @othinus @wakarimasen @242242 I bet there are already many online platforms for this, the amount of work required is probably way more than I'd expect
@242242 That looks very cute! But, again, the role-playing aspect...
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