My life changed by a big deal since I hardly use the internet in my spare time. Pros: slower life feels better. Cons: peak loneliness.

@242242 I'm glad to see that you haven't forgotten about us. Happy New Year!

@wakarimasen Oh not really, of course not. I just kinda moved offline as much as I could. Currently gnusocializing from my workplace. Happy new year to you as well!

@242242 GNU Social is a thing of the past! We're on Pleroma now. (After months of preparation, moonman migrated our instance from GS to Pleroma last week.)

@wakarimasen Wow, this is surely the future. Technology is amazing.

@wakarimasen Can you tell us about your own experience of it? *turns on mic*

@wakarimasen Damn, I was missing out on so many adventures of wakarimasen...

@wakarimasen Oh really? Explain why did I eventually return here in this case. Check mate, wakarimasen~sei.

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@242242 @wakarimasen In addition to honest-to-God mail, which I have been advocating for a while now, I have begun to rely on cheap telephone calls using VoIP (owing to a friend who has some physical impairments).

@publius @wakarimasen Can I dictate my mastodon posts to someone over VOIP?

@242242 @wakarimasen I’m sure some troll has taken the time to build an interface between OStatus & Dragon Naturally Speaking 1.0…
(Tumblr actually had a number you could call to make an audio post, at one time, but it seems they’ve discontinued that.)

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