@wakarimasen No yet. It is happening right now. Cleaning my set and such.

@242242 Keep in mind that gyokuro requires even lower temperatures than most other green teas!

@wakarimasen Yeah the seller told me some people even use room temperature water and just let it steep for 10 minutes the first time. But he recommended 40-50c in general.

@242242 I use between 50 and 60 degree Celsius for mine, 40 strikes me as a bit low unless it is one of the insanely expensive ones.

@wakarimasen Nah it was one of the cheapest they had but the guy recommended it.

@242242 I see. Generally, it's the higher the quality (and the price...), the lower the temperature.

@wakarimasen "Here is a GOLDEN tip for you! When you have finished - don't throw those wet leaves away, pour a little Kikkoman Ponzu Sauce on them and eat them - they are quite delicious!"

@242242 Never done that, I'd die due to caffeine overdose. Gyokuro is quite high in caffeine content. (´・ω・`)

@wakarimasen But isn't that water soluble? So you would have already drank the caffeine?

@wakarimasen The tea but only the first infusion, now it's much closer to green teas. If someone would have handed me the first infusion without saying anything I could have swore it being spinach!

@242242 Eh? I don't think it tastes like that at all! It's usually like a much sweeter and gentler sencha. Maybe you need to flush your leaves before the first infusion?
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