Why do people insist using discord over IRC?

@242242 Discord has a very good tools for organizing and moderating a lot of voice and text channels with very customizable permissions.

@adamk678 I don't see the appeal of it over Riot/Matrix if you really need voice. What's the advantage of discord's organization/moderation over these already existing services?

@242242 I might not have the vocabulary to properly explain, but I'll try. Discord's top-down organization (you start with a "Server" and then divide that up into channels that can be organized into categories) is easier to manage than Riot communities and rooms. Discord has more granular permissions and nice optional touches like color coding users based on role. Voice calls are easier to manage. People can easily pop in and out of voice channels without the need to make a call. Custom emoji.

@242242 And overall, at the moment Discord is a more polished user experience. I think Riot's UI update will go a long way toward catching them up on that front. And I do think that with time Riot/Matrix can easily catch up to and surpass Discord in just about every way, but we're just not there yet. Of course, like any software, Discord isn't perfect for everybody. But I can't get my group of friends off of it because I can't make a good enough argument that anything else is a better experience

@242242 Why do people insist that Discord is a viable replacement for a forum? 

Yes, I'm still mad about DoujinStyle.

@wakarimasen I just logged into Discord, seen that it has a Store now. Logged out immediately.

@242242 I'm equally confused as to why they use it over Mumble. It's brought back all the latency problems that solved years ago.

@242242 Discord over IRC sounds like one of those @innovation inventions

@242242 a friend of mine doesn't like how irc exposes your ip (though that's probably not like, the only reason he doesn't)

@headachebooth Bigger servers have services offering cloak if their reason to hide it is the users. But yeah I guess it's just a single reason offered.

@242242 It combines the insecurity of IRC with the single provider of Discord!

@katex Well I guess that's a rather subjective though honest reply, point taken.

@242242 there isn't one single irc app, that's too confusing. :/

@242242 voice chat more than likely. ease of installation.

I don't like it personally but the #openxcom people are there, so alas

@242242 Technically speaking, everyone chatting on Twitch is using IRC under the hood.

Beyond that, Discord is good because you click on a link and you're chatting. Also you can be voice chatting.

Not that these things are impossible with IRC, just that they're not as easy / well marketed

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