@Lost_Instance thanks for the appreciation and the link. Re SD Card: the point is, is there any practical alternative? If you have any I'm happy to give it a try.

However can be used with any block device be it a usb card or even an image file mounted in loop.

@Mayana@social.privacytools.io @david@mastodon.technology excellent! thank you

@logout@hackers.town @SDF for sure, no objection. I was obviously joking and praising my beloved laptop :-)

@logout@hackers.town @SDF no doubt. However half a day for 8 years in not that bad either, right?

@llariya@mastodon.art welcome! and VERY nice drawings

@logout@hackers.town @SDF of course, every day but this beast works almost every day for 12+ hours since then (installed an SSD "recently" like 3 years ago or 4)

@logout@hackers.town @SDF of course I can't be precise, it's more like a joke, however my thinkpad x220 should be 8 yo (2011 I think?) and kicks wonderfully

@SDF you just made me shivering. I think that, summing up all the hours, my laptop has higher uptime ...

@Codeawayhaley@mastodon.starrevolution.org wait about 20 years. top.

@clacke ha! that explains quite a lot of things. Thanks for sharing

@david@mastodon.technology true but not on youtube in my experience. In the last months it started misbehaving not sure why

@salixlucida yes, I"ve been donated a small amount (because of RISKS 19hundreds.github.io/risks-wor) for an honorable project, I don't want to lose this money. It would piss me off too much

@salixlucida btw, it seems that morphtoken.com _can_ be a reliable clearnet alternative

@salixlucida I'm scanning the internet looking for signs of scam. I don't want to end up with the wrong onion (see bitblender clone bitcointalk.org/index.php?topi ... they scammed at least 40 btc so far blockchain.com/btc/address/1Pa)

@salixlucida I'm gonna check it. I need it anonymous though, forgot to mention

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