do you know any reliable mixer?

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@salixlucida I'm gonna check it. I need it anonymous though, forgot to mention


I remember using it many years ago (like five or six years ago). I'm actually surprised it is still around and standing strong.

If it's still around after 6+ years without problems it must be doing it right....

@salixlucida I'm scanning the internet looking for signs of scam. I don't want to end up with the wrong onion (see bitblender clone ... they scammed at least 40 btc so far

@salixlucida yes, I"ve been donated a small amount (because of RISKS for an honorable project, I don't want to lose this money. It would piss me off too much

@salixlucida btw, it seems that _can_ be a reliable clearnet alternative


i've also seen ads for mixtum in recent months (also on .onion) but i do not know about its reputation.

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