I'm studying TOR and onion services.

As a proof of concept I would like to run my own VPS providing an .onion blog. The target is to be reasonably sure that my identity can not be traced back to me.

My final goal is to provide a step by step guide for journalists similar to what I did with [RISKS]( so that they can deliver anonymous content.

So I need a reliable and friendly provider accepting .
I'd like some advice to hit the ground running.

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@19hundreds (which used to be RootBox) lets you pay with various cryptocurrencies including Monero, I think. I have not used them, though.

Personally I think Usenet is underappreciated as an anonymous, one-way distribution network. Lots of Usenet providers accept crypto. 5GB of b/w on BlockNews is $2 and your readers don't need TOR.

@kadin re: govps Today on reddit I messaged the guy to was developing rootbox to ask why now is called govps. Your message makes me understand it's not a scam


re: usenet . I admit I'm not prepared. I'll check

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