@19hundreds Hello,

Great work on the R.I.S.K.S methodology. I'm a believer and an adopter.

However, I still have concern over SD Card after coming across this piece:


@Lost_Instance thanks for the appreciation and the link. Re SD Card: the point is, is there any practical alternative? If you have any I'm happy to give it a try.

However can be used with any block device be it a usb card or even an image file mounted in loop.

@19hundreds In the "Why an sdcard?" part of "Under the hood" you said that "it’s a raw container with few electronic parts: robust and hard to tamper with"

However, now that I know that every SD card out there got a tiny chip with its own firmware and computing power (can be over 100 MHz), I'm not exactly think of it as "hard to tamper with" anymore.

What do you think? Any suggestions for a more secure alternative?

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